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About the Archbishop

Archbishop Bobby Land, Jr., born in the City of Terrell, Texas. He descended from the Patriarchal House of Land.  Born to the parentage of Bobby G. Land, Sr. and Loriece Vondell Sanders Land. Archbishop Land moved to East Texas at a very young age, when he accepted a  mandate from God leading him into the ministry of the Prophetic. At the tender age of thirteen he began his Prophetic Ministry. His prophetic ministry started with the Missionary Baptist Church and the Churches of God in Christ. He officially launched his ministry at the age of 14. He preached a prophetic message entitled, ''There's A New World Coming'', using the book of Revelation, chapter 21:1-7 as his text. The prophetic word that he preached at the Countyline Missionary Baptist Church of Benwheeler, Texas was a part of his journey into the ministry of the prophetic.
Immediately he was launched into the field of evangelism and began to preach everywhere, in the streets, church buildings, auditoriums, nursing homes, and hospitals everywhere, praying for the sick. Many Elders of the City were astonished at his well versed knowledge of the scriptures and his fiery Holy Ghost preaching. He was not afraid to speak the truth and preach his convictions. God soon led him to a great holy ghost revival at the Rosedale Church of God in Christ of Tyler in 1975, where he along with many other young converts, received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues. His unusual prophetic preaching grew stronger. He knew from that time, that God had a special calling upon his life, he would soon discover who he really is in Succession of Apostolic Order and Sacramental Confirmation. He was later introduced to the life and ministry of Charles Harrison Mason, chief apostle and founder of the Church of God in Christ. Land soon realized that God was watching over him to bring him to his place of understanding the mystical wonder of apostolic order and deliverance. He made a pilgrimage to Dallas Texas in 1977, where he met his first mentor, the late Elder Edward Calloway, Sr. of the Lighthouse Church of God in Christ. He quickly gained favor with Calloway, as he saw how God used him so mightly at such a young age. He was soon licensed by the Church in 1978, and later ordained in his home town by the late Bishop Sidney D. Lee, Sr. in 1981. The Man of God would shut himself away for days and weeks seeking God's directions for his life and ministry. After many years of service at the Lighthouse Church and the Dallas West area,  God spoke to him to go back to East Texas. The work was great. A mission was launched, and the Apostle went everywhere preaching deliverance and setting the captives free. Soon he founded and incorporated the Word Ministry Saint's Center Church of Deliverance. The word began to spread throughout East Texas about this young apostle. Several other ministries were established up until 1989, when he founded the Pentecostal Assembly Church of the World, Inc. at which time he was consecrated first Bishop of the Church. Arch Bishop Land has served and continues to serve as a great inspiration to many young and old ministers and community leaders in the East Texas area. He received his first honorary Doctor of Ministry in 1996. Land soon became active in many civic groups in East Texas. He was awarded that same year recognition for special achievement and excellence in 20 years in Christian Ministry through the Institutional Church by the late Bishop Andrew Stimpson, Jr., and the late Reverend L.J. Johnson, November 9, 1996. He was awarded documents of recognition for Dedication in Christian Ministry and participation in Civitan Clergy Appreciation Week, February 4, 1998.
Other special recognitions and awards are: Tyler Morning Telegraph and Smith County District Attorney's Office - Crimes Victim Service Division, October 4, 1999, Tyler Courier Times - Telegraph: TYLER FACES - CLERGY APPRECIATION WEEK, February 22, 1998. Emeritus Honorary Doctor of Philosophy, with special recognition in Christian Education, with Bishop Authur L. Sumberlin, Supt. Edward Calloway, Sr., Bishop Andrew Stimpson, Jr., and the late Dr. L.D. Addison of Oakland, CA. presiding, Nov. 3, 1996. Special Recognition: TACC Train a Child Scholarship Fund - Founders, Reverend & Mrs. J.C. Delley, March 30, 2000. Recognition in Support of the Educational Media, Andy Woods Tyler School District, August 11, 2000. Certificate of Appreciation: for Devotion and Invaluable Spiritual Services rendered to Tyler and Smith County Communities. : CLERGY APPRECIATION WEEK: Rose City Civitan Club of Civitan International, February 20, 2000. Certificate of Graditude for service to the Advisory Council and Staff - TYLER FAMILY PATHFINDERS, April 30, 2000. Certificate of Merit: In recognition of Loyalty to the Rite and Support of the Charity Endowment Fund of the United Supreme Council 33rd degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Washington, D.C., March 6, 2000. Certificate of Participation of the 17th Annual National Night Out - Butler College Community Service Association, Award by the Tyler Police Department, September 11, 2000. Certificate of Ordination as Corporate Honorary Bishop by the examination and review board of the Pentecostal Assembly Church, Inc. September 1, 2001. Certificate of Highest Attendance, National Night Out - Butler College Community Service Organization, September 10, 2001. Community Service Award to: St. Land Temple Church for service to the community, awarded 2002. Letter of Thanks and Special Recognition of Commitment and Devoted Service to Smith County and Humanity in the awakening of the September 11, tragedy in New York City, given by the Smith County District Attorney Jack Skeen, Jr., and the Crimes Victim Division, September 13, 2001. Certificate of Merging: Certificate of Consecration to the office of Secretary of the Board of Bishops and National Advisory Chairman of the Merging Founder's Fellowship International, Arch Bishop J.L. Lawson, Jr. Presiding. Certificate of Confirmation and Consecration to the office of Senior Bishop by the board of Presbyters - Pentecostal Assembly Church, Inc., Attested by Arch Bishop J.L. Lawson, September 18, 2001. Certificate of Appreciation for Service to God and Mankind of behalf of the Citizens of this Community, CLERGY APPRECIATION WEEK:

Rose City Civitan International, February 3, 2002. Tyler Courier Times, TYLER FACES ~ Clergy Appreciation Week, Bishop, Dr. B.G. Land, Jr. Sunday, February 17,2002. Special Presentation: Rev. Dr. Bobby Land, Jr. Honorary Speaker, in recognition of Contributions and Support to the A.A.S.R. Waridi Consistory # 256 of the 34th Annual Banquet, March 23,2002. Honoring Bishop B.G. Land, Jr.,Ph.D. for 27 years of faithful service to God and the Ministry, July 7, 2002. Founder's Day 2002 ~ Honoring Bishop B.G. Land, Jr.,PH.D. for his Vision, Tireless dedication, and Sincere commitment to the work God placed in his spirit, awarded Founder's Week 2002. Named Accrediting Chancellor/Cardinal Secretary of P.A. Institution School of Ministry, International Accrediting Association, August 26, 2002. Certificate of Recognition and Excellence to St. Land Temple, by the Butler College Community Service Org.,November 6, 2004. Received the Cardinal Kingship Patent from the original Doctor of Philosophy Studies Degree in Secular and Christian Education, 2004. Letter of Commendation from the office of the Most Reverend Alvaro Corrada, S.J., Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Tyler, in support and sympathy during the demise of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul, II., April 12, 2005. Other honors include the giving of Prophetic Seals, Corporate Seals, "College of Bishops" Ecclesiastical Diocese and Consecrational Seals, Raised and enthronement to the Office of Archbishop by envoking the Consecrational Rites upon an Archbishop, and the Arch Bishop's Coat ~of~ Arms. He Served as Chaplain and board member of the Rose City Civitan International, East Texas Chapter. Certificate of Participation, Top Ladies of Distinction, Rose City Chapter. Past Chaplain, Events Coordinator, and Public Relations Mediator to the Butler College Community Service Org., 1996-1999. Campaign Coordinator and Spearheaded the cleanup and rededication of W.E. Winters Park, Tyler,Texas 1997. Tyler Courier Times, July 26 & 27, 1997: Edition Coverage of the rededication of W.E. Winters Park, Full Cover Story: "Dr. Bobby G. Land, Jr. Speaks during Ceremony". Tyler City Council Candidate 2000. Participated and served on various other committees since 1984, during the revitalization of the Tyler I.S.D. School structure. Lifetime Active Member of the National Rifle Association. Served as member of the NAACP, Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas, Fred Douglas Lodge #0111, York Rite Holy ROYAL ARCH Mason, State of Texas, Gregg, Chapter 4., 32nd SCOTTISH RITE Mason of the United Supreme Council 33rd degree of Washington, D.C., Recognition of Contribution and Support of the Ancient & Accepted, Scottish Rite, Waridi Consistory # 256, East Texas Chapter. He begin serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Butler College Community Service Organization of Tyler - November 5, 2011, officially installment. 
He has served as President and Founder of an Inner-City-Non-profit outreach ministry since 1989. He served as Chaplain and finance Secretary of the Rose Garden District, Texas North East Jurisdiction, 1994-1998. He served as First Asst. Superintendent of the Henderson West District, C.O.G.I.C. ~ 1998- 2002.
He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Bishop B G Land Ministries. Archbishop Land has crossed denominational boundaries since 1977, carrying the message of deliverance to many faiths, such as Baptist, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Apostolic, Church of God in Christ, Non-denominations, and many other churches and religious organizations.
A Man after God's own heart, Archbishop Bobby G. Land, Jr.,D.D.,Ph.D.,J.D. is the "Chief Apostle" and founder of St. Land Temple Church of Deliverance. He is the Senior Presiding Bishop and Cardinal Secretary of the South East Texas, Central South, Kingdom Archdiocese. Archbishop Land is an Apostolic Successor of the Original Apostles sent by Jesus Christ, that founded the Apostolic Church on the day of Pentecost. As Chief Apostle, and leader of the Church, Archbishop Land believes that the local body, St. Land Temple is in communion with the Original Apostolic Church, and a spiritual part of the Body of Christ everywhere. The office of the Archbishop was confirmed by the elevation of the office he holds as Chief Consecrating officer, Chief Apostle, and Bishop to the Church and the Body of Christ. Archbishop rites were confirmed upon him by the laying on of hands by the Elders, Bishops, and Chief Apostles. Archbishop Land believes that the true Church is actually a "Church without walls". His appointment as Archbishop is more an office of "Spiritual Authority" rather than, physical boundaries. His 40 years of Deliverance preaching, Ecclesiastical Assignments and Confirmations played a great part in his elevation to this sacred office. Archbishop Land walks in a heavy prophetic anointing, and carries the "Prophet's Mantle" of  sound Apostolic Order.  He  has matriculated a member into the North American College of Bishops, the World Pentecostal College of Bishops, and the North American Bishops Congress. In 2014 by virtue of the Sacrament of Holy Orders he received Incardination and Canonical Erection through the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches in Sacramental Communion and Apostolic Succession, Sacramental Confirmation with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, designating him Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglican Archdiocese of Texas.
Archbishop Land began his ministry in 1975 as an Evangelist. Since that time he has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a message of Hope, Healing, and Deliverance relevant to the struggles of the oppressed. A message he preaches everywhere, to many groups and Churches of various denominational faiths and beliefs. He is the Chancellor and Emeritus President of the P.A. Institution School of Ministry ~ corporate offices in East Texas. The School was founded in 1996 as the "College of Bishops" ~ School of the Prophets, Organized to meet the needs of it's students and candidates entering into the ministry, seeking recognition through the organization as licensed and ordained ministers, as well as academic credential holders in it's Associates, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Divinity,Doctor of Divinity, and various other Doctorate and PH.D programs.

Archbishop Land believes in the Apostolic Doctrine of the Original Apostles. He is Protector and Chief among Apostles. Apostle Land is the first African Native American Indian Archbishop in the State of Texas registered with the State of Texas. He is an elevated Sublime Prince after the Order. He holds several Honorary and earned degrees in Metaphysical Science, Systematic Theology - Divinity, Ecclesiastical law and Jurisprudence. He is officially and currently Monseigneur Family Apostolate  [ Retired Episkopos Monseigneur Bishop ]  of Southeast Texas Central South Archdiocese of America: << Incipiens - May 11, 1975 - Initium Tabellae Solvo Datus - July 6, 2014 >> 


Posted - February 22, 2010

This dossier is systematically updated as new information concerning the Archbishop's life work is submitted to our office .  

THE BISHOP'S CONCLAVE : Southeast Texas Central South Archdiocese Transcripts. Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches - Texas Jurisdiction.

Archbishop Land visiting with the Honorable Archbishop John Lawson during the Conclave (Longview, Tx.)

Archbishop Land consecrated Archbishop Lawson in 2006. Lawson heads the Apostolic See of his own Diocese in Longview, Texas. Archbishop Land is Cardinal Priest and Metropolitan See in succession with the Old Roman Catholic Church, Utrecht.

"The Blood, Body, Soul, and Divinity of Christ'' 
'' I am the Bread of Life which came down from Heaven '' - St. John 6:41 
- The Blessing of the Host as the Faithful Celebrate -

Monseigneur Bobby Land Jr.

 Patriarch and Cardinal Priest of St. Land Temple Society Family Apostolate
Metropolitan See - Southeast Texas Central South Archdiocese