St. Land Temple Society Private Chapel
Southeast Texas Central South Archdiocese

The Emergency and Rise of an African Native American Indian Archbishop

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Archiepiscopal Communion and Canonical Erection Communication

Archdiocese Orthodox Episcopal Communion Communication

Archbishop Land is the Patriarchal Cardinal Priest of St. Land Temple Society and Metropolitan See of Southeast Texas Central South Archdiocese. He is in succession of the Old Roman Catholic Church, but was pleased to accept this document of consecration and recognition from the International Anglican Orthodox Episcopal Communion by the hands of Archbishop William Brown in 2014.
Archdiocese Communication - City of Tyler



 Apostolic Succession - Incardination State of Texas

Human Rights and Canon Law Communication 2015
Royal Archiepiscopal Communication
St. Land Temple Society Private Chapel Communication
The Unpublished letters - Part 1 - 3, The Fall of America
Released - August 3, 2016
Crown ( hoed) en Brim (tossels) - van aartsbishop van Tyler,
meeste dominee Bobby Land Jr., Metropolitan

Escclesiastical impart - Coronam (hat) et labium (tossels) - Archiepiscopus Tyler,
uirum reuerendissimum Bobby Terra Jr. protesting,