The Year of God's Favor

Archbishop Bobby Land Jr.
blessing and consecrating the Host in transubstantiation during the Oblation in the Tyler Chapel

'' The Eucharistic Mass and it's benefactors Indulgences experience the Kingdom of God on earth. The very presence of his Christ to the Faithful '' 

                       - Fr. Bobby Land Jr. - 

The Year of Communion with Saints


Confessions, Consultations, Eucharistic Adoration, Holy Mass, Consecration Blessings,  and Confirmations by

St. Land Temple Society Private Chapel


St. Land Temple Society Private Chapel
Southeast Texas Central South Archdiocese

Prophetic Whispers and Itinerary  - 2009 - 2021

The Year of Adoration, The Amice, Sacred Vestments, and  Victorious Perseverance

"The Pallium"

"As the Original apostles went off the scene, the task of shepherding the Church fell upon the highest - ranking ministers appointed by them. This group is known today as the "Bishops", who are the successors of the Apostles as the highest shepherds of the earthly Church. Because of the Bishop's role as the successors of the apostles, there is the necessity of "Episcopal Apostolic Succession''.  Apostolic Succession thus involves the Bishops serving as successors to the Apostles, and not necessarily being named or technically serving as "original apostles". The Bishops are a continuation of the office of the Apostle in that they have received the governance of the Church after the office of the original apostles ceased. The Bishops succeed the Apostles as the highest shepherds of the Lord's Church. They (Bishops) belong to unbroken lines of ordination going back to the hands of the Apostles themselves. "The office of the Bishop is now identical to the office of the Apostle''. As the original apostles disappeared from the scene, then came the "Bishops". However, there are differences between the offices of the Bishop and Apostle.

Therefore in 2019 let us desist all communication of confusion. Submit to "Apostolic Order", and dwell in the unity of the Spirit.

Grace and Peace,

Cardinal Priest, Bobby Land Jr.,
Metropolitan Archbishop



The Archbishop takes a moment to reflect on the evenings events with the Honorable Wilbert M. Curtis Presiding Grand Master of Texas at the Eastern Regional Gala Banquet held in Tyler, Texas,
Saturday,  October 31, 200

 (L) City of Tyler, Councilman Donald Sanders,
(center) Bobby Land, Jr., Archbishop of Tyler 
(R) The Honorable  Wilbert M. Curtis, Grand Master of the State of Texas, Prince Hall Masons

(L) Archbishop Land pauses a moment (center) with Eastern Region, Deputy - at - Large, Malachi Dews, Jr. (R) The Honorable Wilbert M. Curtis., Prince Hall Grand Master of The State of Texas.

August 22, 2011
Joint College of Bishops opening session and words from the desk of Archbishop Land

Archbishop Land said.........."There are many great preachers, men and women of God who have given all.....for the good of humanity, and have taken very little, if not nothing, for their labor and service in return. There are yet so many who serve the nations, the body of Christ, and humanity now and receive no wages for their service. But yet, they continue to serve for the love of God, the love and good of Christ and mankind without reservation". He admonishes the College of Bishops and all saints to,..........."Pray with your eyes open". The eyes are a physical as well as a spiritual passage into the realm of the supernatural. The Archbishop expressed the importants of our understanding the laws of physics, it's connection in relationship to God and the universe in understanding the prophetic and scientific reasoning of global warming, the present global spiritual and physical chaos and negative energy forces constantly being released around the world. Past and present weather patterns in relationship to latter day scriptural prophecy.
Scriptural study assignments
I Timothy ch. 3 vs. 1-7
I Timothy ch. 4 vs. 1
I Timothy ch. 5 vs. 1-2: ch. 6 vs. 1-12
***II Timothy ch. 3 vs. 1-7; ch. 4 vs. 1-5

January 8, 2015

Year of the Sacrament

''Tyler Archbishop Proclaims Twenty Fifteen as the year of the Sacrament''

Holy Sacrament, the Eucharist (Mark 14:22-24), the only sacrament celebrated in heaven (the Kingdom of God) after the Church age, (Mark 14:25). Why?...., because it is the Eternal Sacrament. Jesus said, ''Do this in Remembrance of Me'', even into eternity. The sacredness of this sacrament is so power. It's historical and psychological powers preserves and keeps us now and for eternity. This sacrament holds the mysteries. It is no doubt the bedrock of the Lord's Church (Luke 22: 7-20). We remember him, we become one with him, through a Holy, Sanctified, and Consecrated life.